!Hi girls
!I'm Liorchick krasavchick
...Your future Israeli husband

!Hi girls
!I'm Liorchick krasavchick
...Your future Israeli husband

!Israeli husband in Israel

!Liorchick Krasavchick

Are you looking for an Israeli husband or a foreign husband? Well, first of all please I want to start by apologizing that I let you let until now, and that it took so much time until you found me.

Well, my name is Lior, and I'm the owner of the company 'Lior Attractions Eilat' in Israel.

I'm a bachelor, and I would like to meet a nice girl from Russia,  Ukraine or Belarus in the ages of 20-30 to get married and make a family.

If you are a single good-looking woman with no children who want a good Israeli husband and you like my photos, then please send me your photos on WhatsApp or Viber (+972532298922) with your name, age and some personal details about yourself, and I'll call you back. Don't be shy!

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?Who is Lior

Well, I can honestly say that I'm really a nice man with a very calm personality, which is not really characteristic with Israeli people. 

I live in Eilat, Israel. Eilat is the southeast resort city of Israel. There are beautiful beaches in Eilat, and it's very warm and sunny here almost all the year.

I have a university degree in computers engineering, and I'm the owner of a travel company in Eilat - 'Lior Attractions Eilat'. So, basically, I'm my own boss, which is really great. I live in a nice private house with a small private front-yard, and I have a good car (Audi A6).

I have really no problem at all to get girls. I meet many beautiful girls in Eilat from around the world. So, I have fun as a bachelor. But, I'd like to find one woman whom we love each other, and she'll be my wife.

I like to cook, have barbecue, watch movies, listen to music and just relax on the beach. I never smoke, and I don't drink (just sometimes a glass of beer with dinner).

My motto is: have sex, eat, sleep, repeat! 🙂

Don't hesitate! Call me now: +972532298922

Liorchick Krasavchick - your Israeli husband

?Which wife do I want

I want to meet a nice non-smoking girl from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus in the ages of 20-30 to get married with her.

Of course there should be a mutual attraction. But, you don't have to be a top model. You just need to accept yourself as you are, and be a person who loves the life.

I like shy and modest girls. Also, a good sense of humor is very important. I really like girls with a beautiful smile! After all, we live to be happy, don't you agree?

I speak fluent English and a little bit Russian. So, it's better if you speak English.

If you are looking for a good man to love him who can support you and be committed to you, then I can definitely be your man.

If you love me and devote your life for me, then I can promise to love you back, be fateful for you and provide you a good and comfortable life.

The good life according to Lior Attractions Eilat is: beach - fun - food - sex - sleep - and vice versa.

?How will be your life married to an Israeli husband

Well, as I already said, I'm not a typical Israeli man. I'm European, so I assume that my mentality is similar to yours and we can be a good match.

I heard stories about Russian and Ukrainian men who like to drink vodka, and are violent also against their wives and children. I can assure you that I never get drunk, and that I'll never raise a hand against you.

I have a good salary, but I don't need to work a lot. So, I can have a lot of free time to be with you and in the future help you to raise our children.

I realize that you don't know the local language. But, this shouldn't be a problem. You can learn Hebrew in Israel. Also, everyone in Israel speak English, and I even speak a little bit Russian.

Eilat is a very beautiful city to live and relax. If you like warm weather, then you can enjoy the beach.

I also believe that you'll be able to find here work or something to do, if you want to have some occupation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

* Do you smoke?

No. I never smoked! I'm also not using drugs.

* Do you drink?

I like to drink a little bit beer with dinner (not more than one glass), and on special occasions I like to drink a shot of whiskey. But, I never drink more than that just to get drunk.

* Why don't you marry an Israeli woman?

Well, I don't really like the mentality of Israeli women. I consider myself to be more European. So, I admit that I'm attracted to the beauty of Slavic women. But, I'm even more attracted to the personality of most Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian girls.

* Do you want me to cook for you and be your sex toy?

Of course not! I'm a very good cook. So, I'll cook for you not less than you'll cook for me. I also promise to give you a sexual enjoyment, and won't expect you to just pleasure me.

* Do you want to have children?

This is a tough question! Most women want children. However, for men it's not a very obvious objection. I just want to find love, and get married with the woman whom I love. I don't really yearn to have children. But, for me it's just a part of making a family.

* Will you sell me to slavery?

Don't be ridiculous! Why do you even think about such things?

* How much money do you earn?

I can just tell you that I make a good living. Yet, I don't want to be with a girl who wants me just because of my money.

...Do you have any questions? Don't be shy! Write to me

972-53-2298922+ • [email protected]


[email protected]

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