!Hi Girls
!I'm Liorchick Krasavchick

!Hi Girls
!I'm Liorchick Krasavchick

!Liorchick Krasavchick

?Are you looking for a dream vacation

My name is Lior, and I'm the owner of the company 'Lior Attractions Eilat'.

I'm a bachelor, and I would like to meet beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls in the ages 18-24 to have fun.

If you are a single good-looking girl with no children and you like my photo, then please send me your photos on WhatsApp or Viber (+972545228622) with your name, age and some personal details about yourself, and I'll call you back. Don't be shy!

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?Who am I

Well, I can honestly say that I'm really a nice man with a very calm personality.

I live in Eilat, Israel. There are beautiful beaches in Eilat, and it's very warm and sunny here almost all the year.

I'm the owner of a travel company 'Lior Attractions Eilat'. So, I'm my own boss, which is really great. I live in a nice private house with a small private backyard, and I have a good car (Audi A6).

I have really no problem at all to get girls. I meet many beautiful girls in Eilat from around the world. So, I have fun as a bachelor, and I like the company of young and beautiful girls.

I like to cook, do barbecue, watch movies, listen to music and just relax on the beach. I don't smoke, and don't drink (just a little beer with dinner), and most of all I like sex.

My motto is: have sex, eat, sleep, repeat! 🙂

Don't hesitate! Call me now: +972545228622

Liorchick Krasavchick - your Israeli husband

?Who do I looking for

I want to meet beautiful non-smoking Russian and Ukrainian girls in ages of 18-24 to have fun with them.

I like girls who are not shy to show their body and enjoy sex. If you have no problem to take off your bra on the beach and even to sunbath nude, then we will get along together very well.

I speak fluent English and a little bit Russian. So, it's better if you speak English.

I can offer you a dream vacation in Eilat, and I'll pay for all the expenses, like accommodations, food, restaurants, etc. I'll be your private guide in Eilat, and take you to the beach everyday. We'll do water sports, scuba diving, ATVs, and other fun things.

In return, I'll enjoy your company. You will stay with me in my house, sleep with me in my bed and have sex with me.

If you are a young and beautiful girl who like to have fun, and not shy in nudity and sex, then I promise you to have the greatest fun ever!

If you have another friend who is also not shy, then you can bring her with you, and we will have fun together the three of us.

Show me that you are not shy! Write on a paper "I Love Lior Attractions Eilat!" very beautifully with hearts, take off all your clothes, stand naked in front of the mirror holding the paper in one hand and your phone in the other hand, and make for me a photo smiling very shy and showing me all your naked body. If you are not shy to do this for me, then I'll buy for you the flight tickets.

The good life according to Lior Attractions Eilat is: beach - fun - food - sex - sleep - and vice versa.

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...Do you have any questions? Don't be shy! Write to me

972-545-228622+ • [email protected]


[email protected]

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